Across the great Ronaldo Messi with the kids

New year, fresh, with the coming of new year ticks, many of worldfootball stars have joined the ranks of celebrations in the past. Say goodbye to 2014, 2015, players also have their own goals andexpectations for the new year, and how do they celebrate it?
Cristiano Ronaldo in 2014, rewarding, leading Real Madrid win theChampions League, King's Cup, the World Club Cup and European SuperCup, Portugal star this new year's main task was to accompany his son,it looks like he is very happy with the mini Mitt, Ronaldo also issueda new year's greeting, "guys, 2014 is great, hope that 2015 is better,happy new year.
Defending champions Ronaldo in 2015, need help Real Madrid, but heneeds to lead the Portugal national team in the European Championshipqualifying to get good grades, of course, his greatest hope isharvested in January FIFA Golden Ball award.
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